Unique Watch For Springtime

Hi! I have such an exciting opportunity for all of you! I’ve teamed up with Jord Watches for a giveaway! I’m not a huge jewelry wearer in general. I find most to not be very comfortable and typically I get annoyed by necklaces and bracelets.  However, I’ve always loved the idea of wearing watches but never really found one I loved until now! This is a very unique watch as the band is made of wood rather than a leather or metal strap.

When Jord Watches reached out to me, my first thought was I need to see these watches before I make any choice. Literally upon opening their website, I KNEW I would be getting a watch. This one is particular is the Cassia line in walnut and vintage rose!

The entire Cassia line was my favorite! The thin band is so dainty and cute! And the color choices were stunning!

I also loved how easy it was to get your watch sized perfectly for your wrist as well as the adorable packaging it came in! You know I love me some good packaging!

I was also extremely impressed that they had an option for free engraving. This makes your watch even more unique and personal to you! I have Let It Be engraved on mine because it is my favorite song.

They also have a great men’s line with unique watches as well!


Jord has been awesome and offered one of my followers a $100 gift code as well as a 10% off code! The giveaway will close May 13 at 11:59pm!

To enter just click HERE and follow the directions! You can have a unique watch like this all your own!

I can not wait to announce the winner!



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