Love Her Wild

Hello! I’m so excited for this book review! I started getting more into poetry last year after reading Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur. (I highly recommend it as well. You can get it HERE. ) I had seen Instagram posts throughout the last year about this book and it really intrigued me. The title alone really pulled me in. Love Her Wild is written by Atticus and was published in 2017. You can get it HERE.

It’s broken up into 3 parts Love, Her and Wild. Each section makes up about a third of the book so it’s fairly even. From the poems I took pictures of, I would say the “Her” section spoke to me the most. However as I was reading it, I didn’t notice that at all.


The Love section was all about love. I guess that’s obvious. 🙂 but it’s about both gaining it and losing it. I felt like it makes you realize how rare true unconditional love is.

This was by far my favorite poem from the Love section. I feel like every girl in America needs to realize this. It’s so easy to confuse the two especially when you’re young. Letting someone be careless with you and your heart does show such a lack of love for yourself. Self love is so important. You can’t let someone else dictate your happiness or your worth.

It took me years to realize this. I have been with my husband for 6 years (married for 2) and I honestly feel like I’m just now in the last year realizing that while he does make me unbelievably happy and makes me feel worthy, that’s not his job. My self love and self confidence is all on me. And always should be. You always have to become a whole person on your own before you can give your heart truly to someone.


This section beautifully describes how a man should feel about the woman he is with. It is how I know my husband feels about me. It is how I know my step dad feels about my mom. It is how I know my dad feels about my step mom. It’s how I hope my future brother in law feels about my little sister.

And honestly, I think it should be easily switched as well. I still feel giddy when I get to come home to my husband. He is the kindest, most honest, wonderful person I know. And while he’s pretty good to look at, I am in love with his soul and the person he is more than that.

Every person deserves to be treasured. And I really think this section details that!


This section has more variety than the other two. I feel like this one really details various ways that show how carefree life should be lived.

This poem really spoke to me. I feel like everyone struggles with this at some point in their life. But it’s so important to be yourself and to be real and genuine. That’s the only way to really live your life.

I love this one. I don’t understand nor do I think I ever will understand wanting to control other people. I love that my husband gives me so much freedom and trust. I love that I give him the same. Control destroys relationships. I’ve seen it happen. Multiple times.

Last but not least one of my favorites. And exactly how I feel.

I would definitely recommend this book. Even if you don’t love poetry, this one is pretty straight forward.



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