Plus Size Don’ts: Swimming Suits

Hi all! I’m sorry for the delay in my recent post. I’ve been super busy with going out of town lately, but my life has finally slowed down so regular blog posts will be resuming soon!

So more Plus Size Don’ts! I’m honestly not sure if swimming suits are a plus size don’t because we as plus size women don’t feel comfortable in them, or if it’s because other people don’t want to see us in them. Either way, having the confidence to get into a swimming suit and live your life is so important!

I remember being in middle school and feeling like I looked so different from the other girls. I had curves already which most 12-13 year old girls definitely do not. It was frustrating to feel like I had to wear a tankini because I had curves. And honestly, back then I was skinny. I just had boobs and hips and thighs that other girls didn’t yet.

Once I was in high school, I lifeguarded every single summer so I was constantly in a swimming suit. And maybe that’s why I am so confident in a swimming suit. I’m not sure. But I can honestly say for years I’ve felt comfortable in mine. Especially any one piece.

This season, I tried out many different suits. From an athletic swimming suit to a ruffled one piece to a high waisted bikini! Summer time is the time to be outside: at the lake, at the pool, at the water parks, at the beach. And I want to be able to do these things with my friends and family regardless of not having the “perfect body.”

If you are someone who struggles to find a swimming suit you’re comfortable in, I would say ruching is your friend, tankinis can have a looser fit, and don’t be afraid to embrace your curves! There is a swimming suit for every person out there regardless of your size.



Ombré Tee

Hi all! Sorry for the delay. We moved last month so it’s been a little rough to get photos taken and have the extra energy to get cute. But as we get things all settled, I have many posts planned so they will be coming! Today’s is all about this ombré tee from Torrid! Continue reading “Ombré Tee”

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